Wausau-Area Basement Waterproofing

You'll never have a Wet Basement again.

Muzynoski Masonry and Waterproofing utilizes the finest methods and materials to protect the basement against flooding. As professionals in the industry, Muzynoski Masonry and Waterproofing is licensed and insured and have been solving water problems since 1978. We have become specialists in the industry by providing innovative solutions to complicated problems. Join the thousands of dry happy customers that swear by us, not at us! At Muzynoski Masonry, waterproofing the job is done once because it's done right! You get the highest quality service at the best value! No other system anywhere makes your basement dryer!

Our Under Slab Drain Tile System begins with a trench approximately 1 ft. wide by 1 ft. deep, removing the debris, sand, and muck.

Our Under Slab Drain Tile System then utilizes a full 4-inch perforated drain tile covered with Mira Flo® FILTER sock so that sand and muck can never plug up the drain tile. This covered drain tile is then placed deep alongside the footing where the state code requires it to be. We then cover it with clean, washed pea gravel. The next step is to install the Boccia hollow kick molding with a vapor retarder system. This molding sits on top of the footing allowing the water to go under it and down into the drain tile.

In essence, there are two complete waterproofing systems working together. First, the Boccia drains the water, sweat, and condensation down from the wall, and second, the drain tile intercepts the water from under the basement floor alongside the footing and then runs all the water down into the sump pump system. The area is then re-concreted over. No single-track system (As shown below) (As shown to the right) can do this!

Water Guard

No other waterproofing system out there takes the time and effort to dig out a deep trench and place the covered drain tile deep alongside the footing. This is a true drain tile system. A much, much better system, not just a small, shallow, flat piece of plastic sitting on the footing. Those systems can not accept the amount of water ours does! Furthermore, the Water Guard channeling system is not pitched in a manner that allows water to flow efficiently to the sump pump basin as it should. Also, without proper filtration materials within the channel and the large holes along the walls, the lack of movement allows for sediment to collect, blocking the system and providing an environment for mold growth. Because the holes in the channel face the foundation side of the trench, the system can not ensure that the water under the slab will be removed, which may be problematic in the future.

Waterproof Drain Tile
Waterproof slab

Our optional air handler/air exchanger system integrated into our State of Wisconsin-approved sealed sump pit draws and siphons moist air from under the slab, drying out the entire basement much quicker and more efficiently than any other system and expelling the radon too! The end result is a much dryer basement and significantly lower humidity levels! Nobody else does this. It is one of the key secrets that make our jobs much, much dryer than anyone else's

sealed sump pit
sealed sump pit

Let us turn your basement into a dry livable area. Our industry-leading system is proven to keep your basement dry!

Now with the patented Hollow Kick Molding system, solve your most severe water drainage problems.

What is Hollow Kick Molding?

HOLLOW KICK MOLDING is a linear through-floor drainage molding installed at the Cove Area, where the basement floor slab abuts the interior side of the foundation wall, creating a floating slab. It directs water through the floor and into the drain tile pipe, eliminating the possibility of water accumulating on the floor. It also ensures proper air displacement, which will free the water flow through the sub-slab piping. It also conceals and protects the drainage opening with an attractive cove plate molding.

Hollow Kick Molding

The Latest in Water Drainage Engineering

This state-of-the-art drainage system removes water at an elevation below the floor and foundation, so the basement does not become submerged in water, and hydrostatic pressure is reduced.

Other significant features include:

Water Drainage Engineering

Patented Design

The United States Government Patent Office has determined that the Hollow Kick Molding is the only product specifically designed to create a fully functional floating slab detail with an aesthetically pleasing concealing cover plate.
(Patent #4879851)

About Boccia

With over 40 years of experience in the waterproofing industry, Boccia has made its reputation as one of the best in the business.

Why use Hollow Kick Molding?

The HOLLOW KICK MOLDING drainage system is by far the most efficient, affordable way to prevent a wet basement from ever occurring or to ensure those previously wet basements keep dry for good. With its impressive 8.5 gallons per. ft., per minute of through-floor drainage, its effectiveness is unsurpassed. It installs quickly and easily, thereby adding to your home or building usable space for living, working, and storage. A properly installed HOLLOW KICK MOLDING drainage system will reduce the possibility of callbacks and complaints from dissatisfied customers.

Kick Molding

Recommended Installation

Install a perforated pipe in a drainage stone envelope adjacent to the interior side of the footing. The drainage stone should be up and over the top of the footing a minimum of ½ inch in thickness. Lay Hollow Kick Molding on the drainage stone bed against the foundation wall. The drainage fins of the Hollow Kick Molding rest against the foundation wall with the diagonal profile at the top. Place vapor barrier and concrete floor slab on drainage stone and up against the molding. Final adjustments may be made prior to concrete cure.